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Hair with Flair

Tired of the same old locks? Hair needing some flare and action? Get ready to flip your newly treated hair over your shoulders and shine!

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Our Hair Lair

We pride ourselves on offering excellent hair service in order to make our clients feel confident and beautiful. From trims to styles, we can do it all. Our team is likened to scientists when it comes to dyes--we know just the right ingredients to get that treatment down to a tee.

Services For Every Occasion

Hair Styling

From straight hair with layers to gorgeous waves and curls, we can accomplish every style your heart desires.

Hair Dye

We offer basic dye services and highlights along with the newest and hottest trend of Ombre and Balayage.


Add length, fullness, or color with these lovely locks. We offer a wide variety of extension and advanced braiding techniques.

Cut & Shampoo

Basic trims maintain your hair, while cuts will present you with a beautiful new style and shape. Shampoo is included.

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Prices for all services

Each service requires a separate appointment.

Hair Styling

  • Blow Out $30
  • Curling or Flat Iron $40
  • Formal Styling $50
  • Texture Styling $50

Hair Dye

  • Highlights $60
  • All-Over Color $70
  • Balayage $110
  • Ombre $130


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